Clement Chabernaud in “Before Eden - Back to the future” Photographed by Jumbo Tsui and Styled by Shuo Yuan Hasegawa for FHM Collections China Fall/Winter 2013

girded for psychic battle

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Colors by Juan Carlos Casado

Opal - color/happiness/self-esteemOctober/water/14th year
Its spirit is said to be a child playing, dashing color wherever it pleases. Opal is known as an inspiration stone, and it useful in creating art, or bring creativity and excitement to life.
Opal contains water inside of it, which is said to be like water running over rocks and roots that lie in its path. Opal stimulates perseverance. It can help to push through obstacles in life.
Used for high spiritual vibrations. Makes the user “invisible” to situations where they wouldn’t want to be noticed. This is beneficial when astral journeying.
Brings energy to promote self-worth and self-esteem. Happy dreams are also stimulated.

Steve Sachs

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